About the Theme

Signs of Success: Reversing the Course of Seagrass Degradation

World Seagrass Conference 2020 & International Seagrass Biology Workshop 14

The theme of WSC 2020 and ISBW 14, “Signs of Success: Reversing the Course of Seagrass Degradation," is inspired by recent successes in the conservation, resurgence, and restoration of seagrasses. The Chesapeake Bay, the location of this year's meeting, is a perfect example of such success. This large and iconic estuary, which historically experienced significant declines in Bay grasses, is now home to the largest seagrass restoration meadow in existence. Strong scientific and management efforts have contributed to the incredible resurgence of seagrass in the Chesapeake Bay. This and other stories of success will be highlighted throughout our conference, and optional field trips will provide you the opportunity to view Chesapeake Bay grasses firsthand.

To streamline the registration process, we have eliminated varying prices based on registration date (early bird, late registration, etc.). Registration costs are set at:

Regular Registration Rate: $675
Developing Nations Rate: $400
Student Rate: $400
1-Day Rate: $200