Student Scholarships

WSA Evamaria Koch student travel award

The World Seagrass Association will provide ten (10) student travel awards for ISBW14 and WSC2020. Awards will be in the amount of $900 USD each, which can be used for travel to ISBW14 and WSC2020, student registration ($400 USD), abstract submission ($40 USD), as well as some lodging. Any student or recently graduated student (within six months), presenting or not presenting, is eligible to apply for travel assistance to attend. For more information on the award, see

Student travel award applications are due on 1 April 2020, and award recipients will be notified by email on or before 1 May 2020. Funds will be dispersed in the form of cheques or by electronic funds transfer from the World Seagrass Association at the ISBW and WSC final awards ceremony and conference celebration on 14 August 2020.

To apply for a student travel award, please send the following to the Scientific Program Committee:

  1. A letter describing your research and what you hope to gain from attending ISBW14 and WSC2020. This letter should be written on university letterhead and include what degree you are currently pursuing and contact information (email, address, and phone).

  2. A letter of recommendation from your university or college advisor, also on university letterhead.

  3. A copy of the abstract you submitted for presentation at WSC2020 (priority will be given to award applicants presenting their research).

Please send both letters as well as a copy of your abstract submission as separate PDF files to with “WSA EVAMARIA KOCH STUDENT TRAVEL AWARD ” in the subject line.