ISBW14 workshops will take place during 90-minute timeslots. A single workshop may continue for multiple consecutive time slots. There will be three workshop sessions on 13 August and two sessions on 14 August, with time slots separated by coffee breaks and lunch. The format of each workshop will be determined by the workshop proposers. Workshops are subject to availability of resources and facilities.

All workshops should be interactive, participative, and enable participants to learn new skills and acquire knowledge. Examples of the types of workshops that could be offered include training workshops, writing workshops, and data mining workshops. Workshops should aim for practical outputs that could advance seagrass science and research capacity, and foster deeper collaborations on research, conservation and communication (e.g., peer-reviewed paper, learning new skills, policy statement, new initiatives, media output).

Conference attendees will be offered the chance to sign up for workshops during the registration process.

Detailed descriptions of the workshops will be posted by 1 February.